What do you need?

Your project is unique.  Each piece of work will be assessed on an individual basis, taking into account your requirements and how much work is involved.


Giving your words a final polish before publishing, I will:

• check spelling, grammar and punctuation
• check for consistent use of already correctly spelt words
(e.g., -ise or -ize endings, -ed or -t endings, consistent hyphen use)
• check numbers are presented consistently
• check capital letters are used correctly and consistently
• check artwork and figures are labelled correctly
• check your organisation’s house style has been applied correctly


£12 per 1000 words**


Pulling your words together at draft stage, I will:

• carry out all the checks included under ‘Proofreading’
• suggest minor word changes to improve clarity, flow and style
• suggest structural improvements, if needed
• review for continuity and consistency
• flag up anything that seems unclear, obvious factual mistakes or dubious statements
• flag up any obvious copyright, moral or libel issues
• flag up where there appears to be something missing from the text
• make sure the contents page matches the section headings
• make sure footnotes and references are all present


£17 per 1000 words**

I can work in the format that suits the needs of your project:

Microsoft Word

I use Track Changes and Comments. You will be able to see all the changes so you can then decide to accept or reject each one.


I use mark-up tools and comments.
You will then apply the suggested
edits directly to your document.

Hard Copy

I use British Standards Institution (BSI)
marks on
your provided hard copy.

Is your document more than 10,000 words?

Request a sample edit. Send me 500 words from the middle of your document and I will return the edited sample along with your personalised no-obligation quote.
Get in touch with me at or Contact Me  here.

**Prices based on CIEP minimum suggested rates.  For more information, please follow the link: